Tangible Darkness

“The trouble with having an open mind, of course, is that people will insist on coming along and trying to put things in it.” ~Terry Pratchett

The sun is perfect and you woke this morning. You have enough language in your mouth to be understood. You have a name, and someone wants to call it. Five fingers on your hand and someone wants to hold it. If we just start there, every beautiful thing that has and will ever exist is possible. If we start there, everything, for a moment, is right in the world.

Warsan Shire (via jodyphamdraws)

(via proletarianinstinct)



CLOSE to YOU from the film MIRRORMASK


A scene from the film MirrorMask, a collaboration between Dave McKean, Neil Gaiman and The Jim Henson Company

The coolest most bizarre cover of a Carpenters song you will ever hear/see…

I’ve not seen this in years…


Illustrator & Artist:

Wei Yan


"A series work of 2011"

"I start doing this series of portraits, still working on this project. ink on paper, my plan is to make them screen print on acrylic. 

well, images always tall more then words, check those out. 
one of the series has already made into limited print, check it out and order at: www.paper-t.com.”